Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girls come to join the Shafa Caravan

It was an honor and a feeling of great admiration as girls from the Aggrasen College for Women, Jhajjar, came to become a part of the Shafa Family on the 21st of February 2011. What was appreciable, was, that girls from the ordinary walk of life had the courage to take interest in something that still happens to be a taboo in the outer world.

They came a bit early than they were supposed to. Although the seating space was inappropriate (as we often don’t have visitors in such large numbers) the girls fitted themselves onto the chairs and sofa’s as though they were in their own home. Their day at Shafa started with Balbir Ji welcoming the delegates with a bouquet. Shipra Ji addressed the girls as to what Shafa is about and dos and don’ts at Shafa.

The real ice-breaking was done by the Piped Piper himself. I don’t know how Ranjan Ji does it, every time with everybody, especially girls, but he really made them open up and speak audaciously. They were then ushered into the Ashagraha where Shipra Ji, Sangeeta Ji and Hrishika Ji made the girls do another activity to make them open up even more. Now, they were ready to talk to the real people, the addicts taking treatment in Shafa.

They were divided into groups and each bunch was given a resident from Shafa family to talk to. They spoke to the addicts and identified the problems that brought them here. They also got to clear their doubts and myths about a de-addiction center. The boys were then made to sit together and the girls were given time to ask them any remaining questions.

Ranjan Ji, like a true teacher, made sure that the girls asked questions and that too relevant ones. Lastly, we had a group discussion downstairs where in it was a free for all session. Anybody could ask any question pertaining to any subject on the earth. By this time the girls from Aggrasen College were freaking out. The questions didn’t seem to end. However, it was time and Ranjan Ji winded things up with a vote of thanks.

Everybody had refreshments and the girls were ready for their journey back home with a new relation, a new impact and with a new meaning of a rehabilitation center in their minds quite contrary to the one they had come with in the morning. I wonder, would we now have more hands save a few more lives!!!

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