Friday, February 11, 2011

4th of January 2011 Season’s First Recovery Birthday – Balbir Singh Ji

4th of January 2011 Shafa saw the season’s first recovery birthday and the 5th for Balbir Singh Ji. The elations started on the eve of his recovery birthday itself. Balbir Ji cut a delicious chocolate cake with the clock striking twelve and the family members danced gleefully to his favorite song Hat ja tau pache ne. It was a euphoric day for Balbir Ji with everybody wishing him the very best of the day. Ranjan Ji said “today you can say that you are in recovery and now you’ll have to strive hard to maintain it”. It was an all energetic day for Balbir Ji with the menu changed for the family all day long. The evening ended with Balbir Ji sharing the remarkable saga of his past 5 years of recovery in Shafa to which the family and the voluntary staff listened to with great awe.

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