Monday, October 12, 2015

Shining the Light on the Magnificent 13th Recovery Birthday of Ravi Ji !!

The skies had cleared for the sun to shine on the residents of Kotdwar on 1st October, the auspicious day of 13th recovery day of everyone’s inspiration, Ravi Ji. It has been a long and precious hard work of over 4745 days, a journey of many milestones…a journey that still keeps on.

Ravi ji is the shining exemplar of everything that recovery brings…fame, fortune and glory and all that was lost regained. He is the symbol of hope that is up there on the peak that every aspiring recovery addict wishes to achieve. Though the climb on the mountain of recovery is no easy task, Ravi Ji leads the way, guiding and showing the way for us all.

On this day, the atmosphere in Kotdwar was jubilant. The celebrations started with the rising of the sun as everyone lined up to greet Ravi Ji. A fabulous breakfast followed. Many recovery members dfrom all across the states of India gathered at Kotdwar on this special day. Entire facility was dressed up in colours and lights. There was much dancing and fun in the day’s itinerary. In the evening, Ravi Ji along with the group of recovery members shared their personal feelings. The sheer hard work and efforts that goes into making a recovery successful, aspired our younger residents. Later on everyone got on the dance floor and presented Ravi Ji with a superb handcrafted birthday card.

Ravi Ji continues to instill hope, courage and glory amongst us all…We eagerly wait for many more such fabulous years to follow. Many congratulations Ravi Ji on your special day, May God bless you and hope that you continue to plant saplings of hope and recovery in every resident of Shafa Home.

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