Friday, October 2, 2015

Legal Assistance by Ms Sood in Family Counseling Meeting

Shafa Home is a pioneer when it comes to treating addiction and providing support to the families of an addict. Running various support programs, like family assistance program where we offer counseling exquisitely to the family members of our residents. Shafa firmly believes that the role of families in the treatment and recovery of an addict is pivotal.

On 26th of September 2015, Shafa home witness a new addition in Family counseling meetings. Ms. Sood, legal expert and a elite lawyer joined us. Shafa alumni and recovering addict Anuj, has been practising law under her tutelage. In our meetings with the families of residents, we had gathered that many of them were unaware about their legal rights. We thought that it would be a good idea to have Ms. Sood as a guest in one of our Family Assistance Program. Anuj discussed the program with Ms. Sood and chalked out a plan of action. So in the later half of our counseling meeting, Ms. Sood addressed the present families about their legal rights. Families who came to attend the counseling meeting session asked their various doubts regarding the legal problems faced by them when the patient is under treatment. The whole session was very interesting and it helped many families which were facing many legal problems. 

The concept to call her was to help out the families for the legal issues which were created when the patient was in addiction. Sometimes when a addict is under substance abuse he/she commits such actions which eventually create a big problem for the family to handle after the patient comes in a treatment. This is where Ms. Sood came in. She provides a back support for the same. In the session she broke the myth and misconceptions of the family members about the legal aspects of issues related to addiction. She guided them about their rights and legal powers. Some family members discussed their personal problems with her for which she provided the legal resources. 

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