Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother’s Day 2014: Cherishing the women of unwavering faith

“I said I’m sorry Mama, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry but tonight I’m cleaning out my closet”
On Sunday 11th May 2014, billions of people worldwide celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’. Even our SHAFA residents did not miss out on the chance to commemorate the special event. The evening was dedicated to a Mother’s Day programme in which a series of activities engaged our residents to reflect, recognise and remember their unconditionally loving mothers. These resilient women have lived through the destructive tornado that their sons and daughters had ripped through their lives while in active substance addiction. Despite this, our mothers have never given up hope that their once sweet and good-hearted children would reform their wayward behaviour.
Our celebratory evening commenced with our residents watching a short video entitled “A Letter from Mom and Dad’. It was an emotional plea of understanding and compassion from an elderly person’s point of view requesting their child not to abuse them or forget them as they grew older and more senile. The video pulled at our residents’ heartstrings as many were reduced to silent tears.  
The heavy atmosphere lightened considerably when our Staff On Duty: Mr. Balbir Sir Ji cheerfully instructed to us that we would be given the opportunity to design cards for our mums. Our residents eagerly put pen to paper to make delightfully beautiful and unique creations. It was obvious to see that our residents had taken time, effort and dedication to complete the task. Not only was it a marvelous salute to their mothers, it had also been a fantastic chance for them to express their creativity.
In the evening’s ‘family gathering’ session, our residents were assigned to present their card to the rest of the family members. Turn-by-turn, all residents showed their card and gave a short explanation of the emotions that they felt during the creating period. From their sharing, we encountered how honestly and bravely they were able to identify the true extent as to how much undue strain they had placed on the relationship they had with their mothers. They then enthusiastically commented that with ongoing recovery, they would become able to repair and rebuild that damaged bond.
Despite being selfish and often inconsiderate sons and daughters in our previous, substance-riddled existence, residents expressed their full and sincere intentions to reform their behaviour. One day, they would once again become their mum’s pride and joy – like they did in the golden, uncomplicated days of childhood.
As the evening’s events wound to a close, Balbir Sir Ji took us by surprise as he serenaded us with an impromptu song dedicated to the spirit of motherhood. Residents’ faces were alight with smiles and warm murmurs of appreciation filled the ‘Asha Grah’.
Mother’s Day 2014 was a incredibly emotionally-charged but resounding success of a day. Not only did it offer our SHAFA residents with a necessary period of genuine, inner reflection of their former uncaring selves, it gave them a boost of motivation to continue living a clean and serene life.

As long as we allow that beacon of hope to continue shining brightly, the relationship we have with our mother’s can never be extinguished. 
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