Thursday, May 8, 2014

"A self-made Super Hero celebrates his 21st recovery birthday"

                For any recovering addict, it is fair to proclaim that his recovery birthday has greater importance and significance than his biological date of birth. His recovery birthday signals his emancipation and triumph over his substance-ridden past. This is the day which heralds his nascent entrance into a new, fresh and dazzlingly hopeful dimension of existence! Armed with the memories of his murky past, the ex-addicts recovery birthday marks his tremendous effort, will-power and strength to successfully evade the destructive distractions thrown into his path. Today he celebrates the impenetrable defence he has created against those harmful temptations. That prior cacophony of never-ending abuse has finally, silenced.
        When our residents came to hear that our founder and CEO of SHAFA HOME Mr. Ranjan Dhar was entering his 21st year in recovery on the 24th April 2014, jaws dropped in sheer amazement and awe. The words on everyone’s lips were “WOW...and how??!” Many were mesmerized and starstruck that anyone could pursue and sustain a substance-free life for such an impressive period of time!
One young member, wide-eyed in wonder asked “Was Sir Ji secretly Super Man in disguise?”
...Perhaps so!!
        Preparations occurred at both our Delhi and Uttrakhand centres wherein our residents took time and superb dedication to cook an appetizing breakfast, lunch and dinner including tandoori naans, paneer and chicken dishes and green chutney sandwiches which were relished by all! We also had the opportunity to enjoy a heavenly cream and toffee birthday cake on top of the gourmet extravaganza.
        Our residents took fantastic effort to decorate and transform our centres with banners, balloons and an explosion of glitter and colour cascading from the walls and doors; reflecting the excitement and joyful atmosphere felt by young and senior members alike It was truly a sight to behold!
        In Kotdwar, residents embarked on a 'card-presentation' ceremony. Costume bearing residents marched a short procession with the accompaniment of tabla players as the main centerpiece; a beautiful hand-crafted peacock feather adorned painting was proudly displayed to all. It was evident to see that our residents had taken both immense care and attention to detail to put on such a fantastic show in order to commemorate Ranjan Sir Ji's recovery birthday.
        In our Delhi centre, the atmosphere became electric when Sir Ji engaged us with his charismatic energy as he shared the remarkable story of his recovery journey. We were all gripped by his compelling tale and could honestly say that we could feel the real sense of compassion and empathy Sir Ji has for us. We soon came to hear he too had also experienced the same six feelings of pain, shame, anger, guilt, fear and hurt. That too, like many of us, had also mixed with unsavoury company and ended up in trouble back in his using days. However, with time, courage and firm discipline he vanquished his inner demons to choose a substance-free life
        This is what gives us residents the hope, positive direction and boost of self-confidence that we need to fight this disease - a day at a time. Ranjan Sir Ji's recovery is a valid example that proves nothing can stop us fulfilling our potential and succeeding at life.
All-in-all, Mr. Ranjan Dhar's 21st recovery birthday was a total success! The day's preparations and events ran smoothly with the help and co-operation of both our residents & staff.
Ultimately, this occasion has shown us that Sir Ji's recovery is a shining trophy of his sincere motivation towards leading substance-free life. We remember and recognise the long, trepid but ultimately successful road our Sir has walked these last 21 years and pay homage to the superb achievements he has made for himself. With God's grace may he continue to continue to shine as a beacon of inspiration to all of us at SHAFA HOME. 
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