Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Voila! Bakery As Treatment Modality

I don’t  know if you have ever felt attracted to a bakery shop,  just by the aroma of hot,  sizzling bakery inside. The smell wafting in the air makes me stop my car outside a biscuit factory. I used to wait for a bakery shop to open in the cold winter days on the streets of  Manhatten for a freshly baked croissant and a cup of piping  hot coffee. I personally think that there is nothing like oven baked, fresh bakery.

Shafa Home managed to realize its decade old dream, by setting up their own bakery this month in April 2014.It was by the grace of almighty and pure coincidence that Mr. Ranjan happened to meet an experienced chef and faculty of one of the prestigious hotel management institute of Delhi.
                    Their conversation led to the idea of setting up our own bakery. Mr. Satish, the chef gave his consent to provide his voluntary services and impart his knowledge to our residents and staff. We immediately took up this opportunity and it was decided that a core group of staff members will initially attend the “Training Of Trainee” workshop and then later on transfer their skills to the residents from time to time.                                              This way the learnt skills would always stay with the core group and they in turn could transfer it to the floating population of residents.
This endeavour would fulfill different aims at the same time:
                                                                (a) All our residents could get a chance to relish and enjoy fresh bakery in different forms of cakes, bread, patties, muffins and biscuits etc.                                                          (b)               Later on few residents can use these skills as a part of their income generation  capacity building.
   (c)                Residents would involve  themselves  learning and engaging in some positive skills. They could easily utilize their time in similar positive activities. This was kind of providing them with alternate opinions when they are not indulging with alcohol/drugs.
   (d)               All achievements lead to gathering self worth which finally results in earning enhanced self-confidence.

Although this project is still in its infancy, due to paucity of funds. Till now we have invested around Rs.1 lakh (Rupees One lakh only). More money will be needed to strengthen this concept. God will send his help, we have a firm belief about it.

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