Friday, April 4, 2014

AMBUJ (TRAINEE PSYCHOLOGIST) shared his experiences in Shafa….

My time here at Shafa Home has been very enriching. What I started as my course requirement went on to become a valuable experience for me.

              My internship was for around one month, first week was for observation, which was really intense and kind of eye opener for me. Then I started taking case histories, but during this course, I committed a mistake, I started building some kind of an emotional
bond with the residents. In some ways, I started feeling sorry for them. I learnt not to create any emotional bonds with my clients. A big lesson for me. Also I developed interviewing skills, though with constant guidance and support from all the staff present in Shafa.

                      Through various psychological tests example SCT, MAST, Sentence Completion, ASI etc. I was able to gather information on every client in my case-load about what is going on in his mind, about his feelings in treatment, about his expectations from treatment and what he has gone through.
                 Staff at Shafa has been very helpful; they were just like guides and elder brothers to me. I do not know whether I took them as seriously as they took me. At times I felt helpless, hopeless in taking case history and conducting tests (How to help client, relieve their pain, sufferings…). But later came to know about the role of a counselor, that he can’t be a magician. There was so much to learn in sessions.

I do not know whether I helped my clients or not, but I really felt touched by them. It has been like a second family now.

                Like all other good thing Internship is also coming to end. Thank You all at Shafa Home for your support, especially Director Sir for granting me this opportunity…

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