Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today as I woke up early in the morning, my feet felt the floor, I was feeling alone, I was feeling the pain of my past and the feeling that I have to carve out my future alone. The raffling sound of flowing winds compelled me to see out of window, I was awed to see the clouds in the shape of huge balloons; the rainbow in different colored ribbons; the chirping sound made by the birds, my favorite koel singing some tune; flowing winds moving the clouds across the blue sky, and the trees dancing to the birds tune. Seeing the work and wonders of our mother nature, tears came to my eyes. I could clearly see my own mother in between those clouds with open arms, ready to hug me, ready to hold me when I felt lonely, ready to offer me her security, warmth and solace, when I need it the most. “I love you my dear mother”, you have built an ocean of love in my heart. I thank you and thank God, for sending you to be there in my life for me.

At my New Home, “SHAFA HOME”, we had a full week of celebrations on the occasion of  “Mothers Day”. All my brothers wrote quotes, made greeting cards and designed small bouquets to share their feelings for their dear mother. One of the resident expressed how he always used to react badly with his family due to addiction and how his behavior never allowed him to express his love for his mother and understand his mother’s love for him. Today was a turning point in his life too, he stated that how today he was able to understand the importance of relationships.

The idea seemed to have got across, to realize the importance of parents in our lives, to leave our ego and anger behind and to move forward in our lives with love and gratitude for our nears and loved ones.

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