Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just another ‘Family Counseling Meeting’ ... with a difference this time.

Till now all our family counseling meetings have been mainly about residents in treatment, problems which family members face and finally about the treatment process which we follow at SHAFA. However, on this Saturday, we thought that every time we talk about various associated problems, so this time let us concentrate and have focus on our own selves, do a little self-introspection and hence get closer to our master, to our high power.

Reciting of 'Gurbani' was the ultimate way of achieving this. Gurbani is a sort of celestial melody used for offering prayers by the Sikh Gurus. These Shabad's combine the beauty and significance of inspirational poetry with melodic excellence. They produce a feeling of the super conscious and link human consciousness with the supreme reality. Guru Ramdas calls it Anahad nad - heavenly strains containing unending nectar.  Bhai Surinder Singh Matharoo was invited to organize 'Shabad Kirtan' on this occasion. 

Even if one does not know ‘Gurbani’, but by simply following the recital of it, the sounds  feel so mesmerising and sends a strange echo to our heart that one keeps on reciting it even for the whole day. We did see the tears in people’s eyes, we did see them totally in a different space, as they were engrossed in singing ‘Gurbani’. All family members old and new residents and volunteers had a gripping experience. Finally, the program had to be stopped against every ones wishes. Our residents served everyone with Prasad, Pakora and Tea. Every one seemed to have enjoyed the evening. 

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