Saturday, June 18, 2011

Media Coverage 18th June

On 26th June, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed across the globe. On this day we recognize and accept that people who are facing the problem of drug abuse, are not only ruining their individual life but also of their families and society at large.

People from Ministry of Youth visited SHAFA with an aim to promote the treatment modality adopted by SHAFA, to prevent drug abuse in most vulnerable states like Punjab and North east. Though the nature or pattern of drug abuse is different in both states but SHAFA treatment module provide a single solution for the same. On this occasion, Ministry representative shoot a movie in SHAFA. Through this medium they intend to disseminate information to young masses and society. The message of this shoot was that it is very much possible to stay away from drugs, if we learn the basic skills of living life which are taught in practice in SHAFA.

Ministry representative captured various glimpses of treatment activities conducted in SHAFA. Shoot regarding YOGA; meditation; reflection session where the resident  pen down his feeling regarding his present condition; anger management session; education session focusing on mistakes they committed in the past  and how they need to rectify it; prayer for the purity of soul and Philosophy which is the crux of whole treatment was captured by them. Recovering addicts also shared about their past life and how they were able to come out of their addiction with the help of this treatment. They shared their innermost feeling of how their life changed from a drunken stupor, lying on roads in an unconscious state, to a person who now not only takes his own responsibility but is also accountable for his family and society at large.

 These few hours of media shoot helped SHAFA to fully communicate its message to the outer world. For leaving drugs what is required, is a new learning, which completely corrects the behavior and establish an understanding between an addict and his society including his family. SHAFA does not promote all those treatment practices mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country, where withdrawal management is the only goal or where residents are kept only in isolation without any treatment modalities which cater to their psycho, social and spiritual needs. Unless and until this is ensured whole person recovery is not possible. SHAFA empowers residents to develop a confidence from within to say “NO TO DRUGS”.

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