Saturday, March 26, 2016

Witnessing The Miracle in Recovery at Shafa Home

Flying High on The Wings of Recovery

During my days of raising hell as an addict, I was always treated as a pariah. I was always looked down as an outcast. My every effort, no matter how sincere, was always despised upon. I could not blame others for their mistrust. It was my own misdoing. I had broken many promises, laid to rest everyone’s trust. I had no regards, no respect for any one except for my addiction. My whole universe orbited around my addiction. I could not care more for any human life, except to feed the monster within. Feeding the gluttony of the wolves of addiction had bent my thinking. Complete lack of concern for my own life, I was prone to self-destruction. Along the way to self destruction, I had caused a collateral damage on massive scale. Ruining the hope and aspiration of my family, well wishers and relatives was my premium achievement.
Any normal human beings expectations of a family, a home and a future were estrange to me. I had neither expectations nor the will for such ambitions. It was like, that spark for living such a decent, sober life had died down inside of me. I had lost all hopes for returning to normalcy. The mere thought of leading a normal beings life was anathema to me. It was not like that I despised society. But the efforts and toil that go into taking a responsibility and fulfilling it, always scared me. This fear led to my isolation from the society. All alone, no one to care for, no one to talk to and no one to look upto…I was just another grain of sand in the desert. Despite all this, a flicker of hope somehow survived.
This flickering flame of hope was kindled and nurtured back to life at Shafa Home, a correction cum rehabilitation center. Recently, I was witness to nothing short of a miracle. A Shafa alumnus laid the first keystone in the arch of recovery. He has built the first bridge for a secure future. When he came to Shafa, he had nothing on his own. When his mother expired during his treatment in Shafa, we did not even tell him. It was for his own sake. His family was in such a fragile state that we feared breaking the truth to him would instantly shatter him emotionally. Soon afterwards, his only relatives washed their hands off him. They even managed to sell off his property and clear the left debts. Nothing short of disowning him, he was left with no roof on his head and no family to look after him.
But slowly and steadily and to our pleasant surprise, he withstood the test of time. Earning a respectful living here at Shafa, he saved and built upon his trust. And then the biggest miracle took place, when he bought his own flat today.
It was the fruits of recovery that was well sown and well nourished. Bringing the five factors of recovery in practice, our friend is a shining proof that if you take the first step, God will take the rest of the steps for you. Now, he not only has a hand
some salary, a dependable bank balance, a flat, he looks forward to having a loving family too. He is now ready to take the responsibility towards becoming a normal social being.
Time and again , Shafa has proved that recovery is a road travelled by one’s willing to endure the journey. No matter the hardships, no matter the rain and storms, when we linger on and prove our mettle, recovery follows with sweet results. Our Shafa alumnus is the hope that all of us look upon. He was the rough carbon and needed the polishing and cutting by Shafa to bring out the diamond within. Now his light is going to shine upon the aspiring recovery addicts.


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