Saturday, January 3, 2015

Living, Loving and Feeling every pulsating moment of Dhadkan 2015!!!

On 31st December, Shafa welcomed New Year 2015 with open arms under the starlit skies of Kotdwar. The event was aptly called “Dhadkan”(heartbeat) as each moment, every act and every person involved was alive with the feeling of being in love with oneself and others. Our residents were primed for the night, carefully planning and rehearsing every step for the past fortnight. As the theme for the event showcased how each resident was pumped up with adrenaline that kept everyone’s dhadkan rising. Meticulous craftsmanship was evident in the way each department, be it the welcome committee, the catering unit or the décor group had precisely timed and fine tuned everything from the word go.
As the guests started pouring in, our boys got busy. Every guest was welcomed in the traditional Indian mehman-nawajish way, by a tilak and flowers. The chief guests lighted the deepshikha and marked the start of the ceremony. They were shown an in house movie showcasing the achievements and memories of the year gone by. Everyone was then invited to a fabulous dinner prepared entirely by the residents. The guests and the family members were then seated for the unraveling of the extravagant event. Our CEO, Mr. Ranjan Dhar welcomed everyone with his spell binding speech. The masters of ceremony, Ashu and Tushar proved that they were in command of the stage as their anchoring skills were superb.This was followed by a group dance by the garwali boys led by Saransh. Our golden voice Gaurav serenaded all with his smooth rendition of a love song. He was accompanied by Subin on acoustic guitar and veteran rocker Vikrant on electric guitar. Then the stage was set on fire by the beat boys. A bevy of grooving dancers took the stage by storm. Their hypnotic dance moves caught everyone’s eyes, especially the solo stunts performed at the end. A short skit by our resident mimicry artist Saurabh, had the guest laughing and in splits. Then the choir group led took the centre stage and soon had the families of the residents swaying to their harmony.

The sitcom play, directed by theatre director Mr. Deepansh was too hilarious for everyone present. The theatre antics of resident Thespians, Piyush, Mohit and Ankit took everyone with surprise. Their stage presence was simply mind-blowing. Our next package was a surprise!! Jagmeet, one of our youngest residents performed a soul stirring solo Punjabi song. His vocal skills were truly laced with emotions and inflections, and the song was astounding and beautiful. Up next was a fashion show with a difference. The prêt a porter line was ingenious, as it was completely fashioned out of recycled material. This show stopper gave way to another round of explosive energy on the stage. The motley crew of choreographer Bob and Ben ignited the sparks on the floor. Their kinetic movements, smooth criminal and insane dance moves were jaw dropping!!!! Encore, encore, encore was all we can hear at the end. As the countdown for the New Year began, Tushar and Ashu held everyone captive by their anecdotes. At the stroke of midnight, Shafa Home burst out with with joy as everyone got on the dance floor. No one was left alone, we all got together in the moment of clarity and our pulse united to the beating of the heart!!!  Dhadkan 2015 welcomed the New Year with every one lighting a candle and taking a resolve to put an end to the negativity and spurs of doubt. We all must come together as one, united by soul, united by heart, united by a single mission, to give our best to weaken the desperados, to greet the humble and the mighty with equality, the see the moment when the children can be children and to carry each small candle to light the dark side of every human mind. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!!

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