Sunday, December 15, 2013


       On the 12th of December 2013, "Three Musketeers" ex. resident members of Shafa Home came to share their their hope, strength and wisdom in recovery. Mr. Rajan Kalra of 7 years recovery, Mr. Kulwinder Singh of 6 years recovery and Mr. Lovish Gupta were welcomed with warm wishes from our residents and staff. 

       They imparted their new found courage to live a life free of substances upon our attentive residents. These three young men began by expressing their initial worries and fears when they entered treatment and how, over the one-year Shafa programme, they grew emotionally, mentally and spiritually as they progressed further into sobriety. 

       Rajan, Kulwinder and Lovish collectively shared the respect they had earned amongst their peers while in sobriety, how they contended with substance-triggering thoughts and experiences as they left Shafa Home and embarked on entering wider society. They also shared the hope for their future and talked about the postive change of perception their family members had of them.

       Our residents were moved by their sincerity and dedication towards living a clean and positive life; a far cry away from their past habits and behaviours.

       These young men are now able to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives while having standing and respect amongst their fellows in society. They are truly grateful for the oppurtunity Shafa Home had granted upon them to transform what was once a stagnant and wasteful life into a flourishing success.

       This day was a huge motivation and emotional boost to our newly recovering Shafa members. It goes to show that with determination, discipline and dedication, nothing can hinder the progress of a person who is willing to turn their life around for the better.

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