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Drug and Alcohol counseling
For patients involve in drug and alcohol counseling, tele-psychiatry sessions enable critical monitoring and therapy during and after the treatment. Private and continuous care from home can have a significant impact on compliance and rehabilitation success.
What Is Tele - psychiatry?                         
The majority of doctor visits are just that: visits. Patients schedule appointments and go to a physical location, like the doctor’s office, to discuss their symptoms with and be examined by their physicians. Computers and the internet, however, have changed that need. 
Telemedicine is the broader term to describe the use of technology to facilitate communication between patients and their health care providers. Telemedicine includes services such as monitoring a diabetic patient’s glucose levels or a cardiac patient’s heart rhythms remotely, with specialty medical devices. 
Tele-psychiatry in particular involves the use of video-conferencing software such as Skype, or Google Talk Video to enable an interaction between the patient and psychiatrist. 
Who Can See a Psychiatrist This Way?
The most common scenario for tele-psychiatry is a patient living in a remote location where access to psychiatric services is limited.  Tele-psychiatry can be used to manage medications, provide psychotherapy, and follow up with patients as part of the normal course of treatment.
The Advantages of Tele-psychiatry?
Perhaps the biggest benefit of tele-psychiatry is the opportunity to provide quality and timely health care to a much larger population than was previously possible. All that’s needed is a computer with internet access. It enables doctors to treat patients all over the world without any travel or office expenses. Patients also receive more options for treatment; instead of being limited to their local physician, or having to drive hours to a medical center in a major city, patients can select from any of the physicians who practice telepsychiatry.
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