Monday, March 14, 2011

Relapse - a part of Recovery

The Vth fortnightly Family Association Meeting of the year at Shafa was a total eye-opener. Families who had gone through the process of relapse, new family members, our counselors and the clinical psychologist had a profound discussion on the most integral part of recovery – relapse. More than 20 families who were an audience to this discussion were benefited from it.

The complete ‘relapse progression’ was explained with examples in flesh and blood by families. Each step of the progression was discussed with various case histories.

Recovering addicts who participated in this meeting shared their candid testimonies which helped everybody to see the problem of relapse from their perspective.
The discussion also made it crystal clear how recovery becomes much more challenging once a recovery addict is out of the structured environment of Shafa and how the pitfalls of the real world can be difficult for him and can provoke him to relapse. And that’s the very point where the family needs to be proactive. They need to remember, a relapse is not the end of the world. If it happens it is important that your loved one gets back up, dusts himself off and gets back on the path to RECOVERY!!

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