Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From a Recovering Alcoholic - Jasvir Rana

‘I am Jasvir and I am a recovering alcoholic’ this is how Jasvir Rana (recovery – 4 years) introduced himself to the Shafa Family during his sharing on the 22nd of February 2011. A former resident of three TC’s in the States (Hazelden, Minneapolis; Refuge, Ocala, Florida and Florida Recovery Centre, Florida), he said, ‘spiritual recovery is a must for real sobriety’.

He shared with the family that he was a topper in his studies and addiction as well. Although he became an MD, the feeling of restlessness, irritability and discontent was his constant companion.

He said, ‘it was AA and the twelve steps which set me on a journey to discover the real me .It was only in AA that I learnt the disease concept of Alcoholism and the spiritual cure came to me through following the 12 steps , one day at a time. Not only that alcohol and sleeping pills are out of my life, but also I am rid of my depression which had troubled me for over more than a decade.’

He told the family how the mind is a feral dog and to be in recovery we need to tame it. He also did an activity in the family to tell how evil would always be strong and how we need to listen to the voice of wisdom.

In all, Jasvir Rana spent some good time with the residents, giving them positive tips to be in recovery and promising and an everlasting hearty relationship in the future.

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